"The heroine Paint" After Frankenthaler

“‘Pretty Raw’ has occasioned an excellent book, “The heroine Paint”: After Frankenthaler, overseen by [Katy] Siegel and just published by Gagosian Gallery,” writes Roberta Smith for The New York Times in her review of the exhibition at the Rose Art Museum. By beginning with American abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler’s New York debut in the early 1950s, “The heroine Paint” suggests an alternate account of painting from then to now, incorporating essays, other texts, key works from various disciplines, as well as cultural ephemera. Edited by art historian Katy Siegel (who organized “Pretty Raw: After and Around Helen Frankenthaler”), the soft cover volume follows Frankenthaler’s work and the work of artists influenced by her through decades in an evolving design that subtly yet playfully reflects the changing times.

“Pretty Raw: After and Around Helen Frankenthaler”