Wild Face

The design evolved in tandem with the identity for the 55th Venice Biennale of Art 2013. Taking inspiration from feelings of isolation we created the somewhat crazed graphics and bold, bright colors of the “Wild Face” and contrasted it with a plain and classic black band. The design examines the dichotomy of split personality, Jekyll and Hyde.

Swatch International


Art Basel Miami Beach


Continuing our playful conceptual exploration of the UBS collection each year a different artist's work has been reimagined across various print collateral and merchandise, whilst serving to reassert the UBS identity. From artists as varied as Polly Apfelbaum, Ellsworth Kelly, Kiki Smith, Santiago Cucullu, and John Baldessari we have reinterpreted their work to create cards and gifts from notebooks and sunglasses to tote bags, postcard sets, and folding bags.

Thomas Houseago

Striding Figure/Standing Figure

Showing concurrently in Rome at both Gagosian Gallery and Galleria Borghese we designed several print collaterals in collaboration with the artist Thomas Houseago including invitations and magazine ads for both venues and a brochure for Galleria Borghese. Co-existing in Houseago’s work influences range from Hellenistic statuary and early Modernist sculpture, through popular culture and importantly, music. The larger than life detail of 'Striding Figure/Standing Figure' on the cover of the bi-lingual, gatefold brochure explores via print techniques the revival of certain sculptural traditions and the subversion of its expectation.

Takashi Murakami

Gagosian Hong Kong, 2013

Along with announcement cards and invitations for Takashi Murakami’s first solo show in Hong Kong we designed billboards and street trams for the city streets. Large-scale details dominate visually, the stark contrast of smiling flowers and menacing skulls representing both ecstasy and grief.

Gagosian Gallery
Announcement Cards 2010–2012

William Eggleston, Andreas Gursky, Piero Manzoni, Albert Ohelen, Thomas Ruff, Cindy Sherman, and Rudolf Stingel are some of the artists whose collateral materials were produced for Gagosian globally in 2012: shows in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Rome. Inspired by the exhibited works and informed by the material considerations of each artist, typography, color, and materials, bring to each piece of collateral a distinct and unique finish.

The Players 2009


Inspired by the fairway the wallet was designed with an accordion style interior to hold various materials. The materials, using an array of specialty papers and printing techniques, were an exercise in texture. Various finishes reflected upon the environs of the tournament — the sand, the water, the fairway, and the green.

Takashi Murakami at Gagosian Gallery 2008–2011

We designed a billboard, magazine ads, invitations, and dinner cards for Murakami’s solo shows at Gagosian in New York, Rome, London, and at Chateau de Versaille, France. Extreme details suggest the often-imposing scale of the work. Glitter UV and mirror paper are some of the complementary material choices. Typography and color are key elements.

Art Basel Miami Beach


Inspired by the UBS collection we detailed Craig-Martin's "Untitled" across various print materials — an appeal to the casual, personal style of the art collector. Acknowledging global travel as a lifestyle the wallet was designed to exist as a document holder. Pages of a note pad served as a schedule of event cards, extending the playfulness of travel imagery whilst serving to reassert the UBS branding. A pencil added further function to the overall concept.

Tom Friedman at Gagosian Gallery

Aluminum Foil, 2007 / Monsters and Stuff, 2008

For his 2007 exhibition at Lever House, NYC, Friedman worked with aluminum foil. Friedman works on an intricate scale with an obsessive attention to detail that we wanted to reflect in the design. With the invitation we literally sourced aluminum foil as material.

Taking our cue from Monsters and Stuff and the artist’s often-irreverent treatments we mailed out a dinner invite on hand crumpled paper in a no fuss Kraft box. The invite was accompanied by a fake eyeball. We also designed an invitation that, following simple printed instruction, could be constructed to replicate, in miniature, his artwork “Care Package (Manipulated)”.

Gagosian Gallery
Announcement Cards 2007–09

Richard Artschwager, Damien Hirst, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Picasso, Richard Phillips, Ed Ruscha, Cy Twombly, and Francesco Vezzoli are some of the artists whose collateral materials were produced for Gagosian globally from 2007-09: shows in London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Susan Cianciolo

The Woman of the Crowd

A true deconstructivist, Susan Cianciolo pulls existing garments apart and reconstructs them in different ways. Cianciolo's process led us to the idea of using existing graphic material for her identity. We created different invitations for the NY and the LA shows printing gold foil typography onto pre-existing posters.