Streetbird Rotisserie

For the branding and identity of Streetbird Rotisserie, Marcus Samuelson’s accessible, follow-up “nephew” to Red Rooster Harlem, Goto Design has drawn on the neighborhood’s vibrant, multicultural street culture. The visual references read like an eclectic mix tape—ska, reggae, early hip-hop, all to a Caribbean beat—bridging generations from the 1950s through the 1980s. Many of the references developed for Samuelson as branding possibilities—diners, neon scripted signs, sports mascots, boomboxes, skaters, Wild Style—ended up influencing the interior design of the restaurant and were incorporated as actual objects, including two walls decorated with boomboxes in the style that Goto Design presented. Samuelson’s personal touches as well as aspects of the LA food scene are felt in this Harlem outpost.

St. Mark's Bookshop

Established in 1977 by a community of students, academics, artists, and other discerning readers, St. Mark’s Bookshop is widely considered an East Village cultural icon. Goto Design has been invited by New York City architecture firm Clouds to refresh the logo and implement updated signage helping to revitalize the existing identity as St. Mark’s relocates to a new space at 136 East Third Street, near Avenue A. The task lies in exploring a range of possibilities for the new building’s signage while respecting its distinctive and historically relevant brand.

55th Venice Biennale

The 55th Venice Biennale identity aligned itself with the collective conscience of outsider art and a vision to house the inexhaustible worlds of contemporary art in a single place. The identity graphically interprets the onslaught of information and imagery. The cross-section of the head visually represents the peripherals of sanity within the concentric circles of the towering mind. Contemplations of color theory play a part too. Arrows in and out, back and forth, illustrate maddening chatter and its accompanying imaginings, teetering on the brink of overload.

Pulley Collective

The Pulley Collective is a new coffee roasting plant on the Brooklyn waterfront in New York. The collective allow members, who are small-batch roasters, to rent out their facilities. The crest of the logo illustrates this team spirit and the knotted rope represents unity and the building and supporting of a new community of artisanal coffee roasters. Rope, like the facilities for hire, is also the central operating mechanism of the pulley system and is integral to the structure. You cannot have one without the other.